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A long stretch walk to the highest mountain in West Africa standing at an elevation of 885 metres (2,904 ft). The mountain is located in the Agumatsa Range near near the villages of Gbledi and Liati Wote, in the Volta Region of Ghana at the border with Togo , Mountain Afadjto.

Tagbo Falls is a waterfall near Mount Afadjato in Ghana, located at Liati Wote, approximately 27 kilometres east of the township of Hohoe.

This is Tizor falls, the water is believed to have healing powers.

Mountain Afadjato; The well-known forested mountain for hiking.

Afadzato DCE visit to the Aflabo Falls.

Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary is where to experience wild but playful Mona monkeys that have been inhabiting the protected forest for over about 200yrs located in Tafi, Volta Ghana.

Tafi Atome is the home of Mona and Patas monkeys.

Zimazio is a snake zoo located in the Afadzato south district in the Volta Region of Ghana Liati Soba to be precise.