Human Resource

The Human Resource Department exists to coordinate all human resources development programs and to manage these resources to translate into effective and efficient service delivery towards the achievement of the short and long-term goals of the Assembly.

The Department performs the following functions​.
  • Advise management on the human resource management policies of the Local Government Service
  •  Ensures effective and efficient administration of human resources
  •  Ensures that institutional policies in respect of employment, personnel, wages, and salaries are translated into good management practices
  •  Ensure human resource planning, facilitate recruitment of competent personnel, and maintenance of good workplace interactions
  •  Ensures regular updates of staff records
  • Ensures inter and intra-departmental collaboration to facilitate staff performance and development;
  •  Ensures the general welfare of staff;
  •  Reports on human resource-related activities and ensures the development of the capabilities, skills, and knowledge of staff
  •  Appraises direct reports

Daniel Ladzagla

Head Dept. of Human Resources

Daniel Ladzagla is a very competent and very agile person who assists D.C.E of the District