Physical Planning Department

The Department of Physical Planning; formerly the Department of Town and Country Planning and the Departments of Parks and Gardens was merged and charged with the following functions

  • Advises the Assembly and the private sector on sound physical development programs
  • Formulates goals and standards relating to the use and development of land
  • Assists in the monitoring and evaluation of infrastructural development in the MMDAs.
  • Design plans and proposals to help in the development of urban and rural settlements
  • Assists awareness creation on human settlement and spatial development policies
  • Advise the District Assembly on national policies on physical planning, land use and development.
  • Coordinate activities and projects of departments and other agencies including non-governmental organizations to ensure compliance with planning standards
  • Assist in preparations of physical plans as a guide for the formulation of development policies, and decisions and design projects within the Assembly.
  • Advise on setting out approved plans for future development of land at the district level.
  • Advise on the conditions for the construction of public and private buildings and structures and assist to provide the layout for buildings for improved housing layout and settlements.
  • Ensure the prohibition of the construction of new buildings unless the building plans submitted have been approved by the Assembly
  • Advise and facilitate the demolishing of dilapidated buildings and recovery of incurred costs in connection with the demolishing.
  • Advice the Assembly on the siting of billboards, and masts and ensure compliance with the decisions of the Assembly
  • Advice on the acquisition of land property in the public interest, and undertaking street naming, numbering of houses, and related issues
  • Reviews human settlement development guidelines and policies periodically; and
  • Maintains and sustains landscape beautification of built-up and natural environments as well as state prestige projects with good management programs
  • Propagates and cultivates horticultural products for sale to the general public
  • Develops public parks for ecotourism and recreation
William Adjei

Head of Physical Planning Dept