Central Administration

The Central Administration is headed by the District Coordinating Director (DCD) and is mandated to coordinate and implement central government policies, projects, and programs at the local level.

The department guides policy formulation, planning, and decision-making at the Assembly. As part of its responsibilities, Central Administration acts as a liaison between Heads of other governmental and non-governmental agencies and the District Chief Executive, it ensures fair distribution of financial and material resources of the Assembly in consultation with the District Chief Executive.

The District Co-ordinating Director who is the Head of the Department serves as a Secretary to the General Assembly which is the highest decision-making body and is the chairperson of the District Planning and Coordinating Unit (DPCU).
He / She serves as an advisor to the District Chief Executive (DCE). He ensures the effective functioning of all other decentralized Departments and Agencies guaranteeing easy access to their services in the district.

The Department has the following units


This Unit exists to receive complaints about members and services, create awareness and inform the public of the Assembly’s Programmes and activities. It is the platform to engage and communicate between the Assembly, the citizenry, and stakeholders. It sensitizes the public on the mandates and responsibilities of Hon. Members, staff, and all actors to enable residents to hold them accountable. The unit establishes for the purpose of receiving feedback and complaints for Public Relations and Complaints Committee (PRCC) activities.


The Unit is headed by a Development Planning Officer. The Planning & Coordinating Unit is responsible for providing leadership in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of development projects and programs in the Assembly. The Unit is responsible for the preparation of Medium Term Development Plans, Annual Development Action Plans, and Progress Reporting. It also monitors and supervises all ongoing projects and programs in the district.


The Budget Unit is responsible for

  • Preparation of Annual budget
  • Provision of technical guidance to Management on budgetary matters
  • Establishing a database for financial planning and resource mobilization
  • Updates financial records of all projects

The unit Plans and coordinates the activities of the Procurement and Stores. It is mandated to handle all procurement and store-related activities through the Assembly’s Annual Budget. The Unit is responsible for the following

  • Manages the development and implementation of the procurement plan
  • Provides inputs for the preparation of the annual budget
  • Liaises with service providers and other stakeholders to undertake procurement activities
  • Ensures that the procurement activities are in harmony with the Public Procurement Act, 2003 (Act 663)
  • Supervises stores management and assets disposal
  • Preparation and submission of Annual and Periodic Reports to the Public Procurement Authority (PPA)

The Unit is mandated to provide reliable assurance and consulting services to management on the effectiveness of the control system in place to mitigate risk and promote the control culture of the institution. The Unit also performs the following

  • Reviews and updates audit programs
  • Provides technical leadership in setting up of the entity’s Audit Committee
  • Reviews audit assignments conducted
  • Updates financial records of all projects
  • Reviews and submits audit reports for the consideration of management
  • Designs and implements an effective internal control system

Departmental Heads

The Afadzato South District Assembly has 32 assembly members. This compromises of 22 elected members from the electoral areas & 10 gov’t appointees.